Building Energy Efficiency Together in Residential Structures of Istanbul

09 March 2017 | Bogazici University, Institute of Environmental Science, Istanbul, Turkey

As part of GREEN-WIN project, we contribute to green the current and to be built residential buildings in Istanbul. To be able to achieve this goal, the participants of the workshop will be selected on the basis of their key roles in the urban renewal projects in Istanbul. The desired outcome within this workshop could be described as to establish an innovative, economically strong as well as environmentally concerned roadmap / guidance for construction companies to green their projects.

Introductions and Knowledge Systems
The first session will be started to introduce the GREEN-WIN projects and the contribution of Istanbul case to the WP6. The brief information will be provided about the cultural survey and then the survey will be handed out. (If we have done the survey with the majority of the participants earlier than workshop, then the remain participants will be asked to fill the survey in coffee/tea breaks.) The stakeholders’ representatives will be requested to introduce themselves and briefly about their main product. We want to know how their products generate environmental impact when it is applied to a building. Also, we aim to focus how the current economic and political environment in Turkey affects their business practices and motives for future.

Scenario Development and Vision Building
There will be 10 start-up company representatives expected to attend to the workshop and these companies will be divided into three groups. Each group will have a representative from different products and services that each start-up provides. To name few; green roof applications, vertical building gardens, reuse of grey water, technological application for construction waste, etc. Other invited stakeholders from NGOs, business sectors and public institutions will also be distributed to the identified groups according to their numbers and sectorial segments.

Each group will be assigned to approach “how to make a building green/energy efficient.” It is important to identify a neutral question to observe how each group could build a vision considering sustainability to construct a green building. We will have chance to assess their understandings towards green buildings, sustainability, energy efficiency and the ways to transform the city for the better. They might use their own products or come up with new ideas to form their building. By doing so, each team member will become familiar with their products and services, and will be aware of their products’ market value when applied to a building. Also, this collaborative work might generate synergies for their future work. Flip charts and laptops will be provided and each group will be assigned to prepare a power point presentation for the third and last session of the workshop.

Discussions and Collective Outcomes
The last session will be started after lunch. Each group will present their PowerPoint presentations, which will show their ideas in detail by giving the product types they chose, a basic cost-benefit analysis of their project and finally the estimated environmental impact that their project would generate. The construction companies’ representatives (if they will present to the workshop) will evaluate the feasibility of each presentation for their future work. If the majority of the participants will be coming from the start-ups environment, then all group members will evaluate each group’s work. This will allow inter-group discussions with the rest of the participants.

After all groups finalize their presentations and discussions come to end, the common points and differences of the presentations will be highlighted. Finally, the best presentation will be selected by all participants’ votes. The most comprehensive ideas to achieve more energy efficient / green building will be listed. The main goal is to publish the gathered data as a guidance / roadmap and then distribute to the construction companies involved in urban transformation projects in Istanbul.