Webinar: Can We Achieve Economic Development & Climate Goals Together? Applying Win-Win Strategies

22 February 2017 | Webinar

To what extent can the concepts of green economy and green growth live up to their promises economic growth and environmental preservation? How do we switch our economies to green growth pathways, and what kind of policy instruments are needed for this? And what are the business models and economic opportunities involved in a green economy addressing climate goals? The GREEN-WIN project aims to provide answers to these questions through practical win-win strategies which shall be discussed in this upcoming webinar.

The GGKP and GREEN-WIN held a webinar on 22 February 15:00-16:30 (CET) exploring these questions. The webinar focussed on three key GREEN-WIN projects on green business models. GREEN-WIN is developing governance models and implementation solutions to address climate change. The webinar outlined early findings from the project on integration of climate strategies, access to sustainable development finance, flood risk management in coastal regions, and transformations in urban areas.




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