Facilitating access to impact investment – the role of good data

13 September 2017 | by Imola Antal

Throughout all business stages, from idea to maturity, one of the main challenges entrepreneurs face is to attract appropriate funding. Results of the GREEN-WIN research on business models indicate that some green entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage when they approach investors.

WP6 Workshop on the sharing economy business model and urban Transformation to Sustainability (T2S) a success!

15 August 2017 | by Dr. Yuge Ma

On 19 June, Environmental Change Institute (ECI), University of Oxford together with Institute for Economics, Tsinghua University (P R China) held the 2017 GREEN-WIN WP6 workshop titled “Is sharing economy an opportunity space for Transformation to Sustainability (T2S) in cities? Empirical...

The risk transition: shifting investment to a low carbon economy

08 August 2017 | by Dr. Nadia Ameli, Dr. Michael Grubb

This workshop has been designed to learn from leading actors in the field, including Bank of England and the Chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force.

Second GreenWin-TARA workshop in Delhi a success!

25 July 2017 | by Dr. J. David Tàbara

On April 19th 2017, the Autonomous University of Barcelona together with TARA (Technology and Action for Rural Advancement) and Development Alternatives met at their world headquarters in New Delhi for Second National GreenWin Workshop on Win-Win Solutions and green business models.

Further developments of the platform to bring together green businesses and innovative win-win solutions at the second Urban transformations Barcelona Workshop

25 July 2017 | by Dr. J. David Tàbara

This year's focus of the Barcelona Workshop II built on the first year Workshop conclusion of creating a collaborative platform to support green businesses and win-win solutions in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.