Green-win Narratives

Resource | November 2018 | GREEN-WIN

The booklet Green-win Narratives is developed through the course of the GREEN-WIN project within the Global Dialogue and the detailed studies carried out by the project partners. The GREEN-WIN project is a major international transdisciplinary research collaboration supported by the EU.

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Future Response of Global Coastal Wetlands to Sea-level Rise

Resource | September 2018 | Nature: International journal of science

The paper Future Response of Global Coastal Wetlands to Sea-level Rise suggests that until 2100 the loss of global coastal wetland area will range between zero and thirty percent, assuming no further accommodation space in addition to current levels.

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A Short Guide to Developing Green Business Models - For entrepreneurs, researchers and organisations that support entrepreneurs

Resource | May 2018 | The Ground_Up Centre

This paper is intended for those who work with, research, and support green entrepreneurs, as well as for entrepreneurs who are starting a green business. It provides guidance in the process of elaborating a business plan and presenting it to potential partners and investors, based on the understanding of investors’ expectations.

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Community-Centred Infrastructure Design Process for Resilience Building in South African Informal Settlements: The “Genius of Space” Solid Waste and Greywater Infrastructure Project

Resource | May 2018 | Case Studies in the Environment

Due to a lack of adequate water and sanitation infrastructure, growing, unplanned urban settlements in South Africa and elsewhere have been linked to pollution of critical river systems. The same dynamics undermine local resilience, understood as the capacity to adapt and develop in response to changes, persistent social and ecological risks, and disasters.

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