A Successful Collaboration for Green Businesses and Bioenergy in Indonesia

04 December 2017

The Horizon 2020 GREENWIN and TRANSRISK projects have joined forces through a case study on coffee production and bioenergy development towards decarbonisation in Indonesia. Following this collaboration, a pilot business on production of sustainable coffee kicked off by using a low carbon...

Summary of field visit event in 2nd Bioenergy International Workshop, Bali, Indonesia

15 June 2017

By Novelita W. Mondamina, Auditya Sari, Laksmi Pratiwi, Arti Indallah

Second Green-Win Dialogue Workshop Held in Vienna

13 February 2017

During two days in February 2017, the researchers from the Green-Win Project met with entrepreneurs, investors and civil society activists in order to examine a set of cases that pursue climatic and economic goals simultaneously.