Co-Creating Value in the Sharing Economy

10 November 2017 | Live Talk

The rise of internet-based sharing economy in the last few years is arguably the most transformative change affecting modern cities. New forms of consumption, production and regulation are emerging during this disruptive process, challenging traditional understanding of business, economy and urban governance.

How do various social actors co-create new values participating in the sharing economy? What are the novel forms of social partnership between consumers, firms, and governments (dis)enabling the emergence of better models? And finally, how can social, economic and regulatory structures be redeisgned to harness the sharing disruption to realise better cities for the future?

In this live talk, speakers will look into these urgent questions through the case of China’s sharing economy in the urban mobility sector, as well as latest international experiences. They highlight the importance of value co-creation between diverse social, economic and political actors during this transformation.

Find the live talk here.