Emergent Models for Local Energy Security and Resilient Livelihoods

12 July 2017 | University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South Africa

The “Emergent Models for Local Energy Security and Resilient Livelihoods” workshop will be a dynamic, creative conversation, unpacking the potential of distributed, green business models to deliver sustainable and equitable energy, water and waste management. These models may have to move beyond familiar forms of cooperation between government, businesses, NGOs and communities.

Together, we will ask what roles, relationships, partnerships and resources are required to stimulate new forms of investment, action and access.

As part of the GREEN-WIN  project, this work seeks to understand these novel, distributed, win-win solutions that promote climate action while generating social and economic benefit. Over the past months, we have identified local green business models that demonstrate such alternative ways of meeting service delivery needs, with a focus on addressing energy poverty and building resilience capacity across formal and informal neighbourhoods.  

We will respond to several key issues that have emerged during our research:

  • How can we ensure clear information on regulations and planning to allow for private investment aligned to government policy for energy or water and sanitation services?
  • Can we create enough stability to catalyse longer-term private investment, despite levels of uncertainty in political environments?
  • Can we move beyond a blanket approach, to find a range of context-appropriate financial models for sustainable service delivery in diverse low-income communities?
  • What does it mean to scale the impact of these green business models?

The participation of diverse stakeholders will be a critical part of our collective sensemaking. This workshop is intended to be a creative space in which each participant’s contribution will shape how we explore these topics, what new questions emerge, and how they can be taken forward after the workshop.

Date: 12 July 2017

Time: 9am-4pm followed by drinks

Location: MTN Solution Space, UCT Graduate School of Business Breakwater Campus

This workshop is convened by the African Climate and Development Initiative (University of Cape Town). 

For further details, please contact Lauren Hermanus (lauren.hermanus@uct.ac.za) or Sean Andrew (sean.andrew@uct.ac.za).