The Final Conference of the GREEN-WIN Project: Action for Climate - Narratives, Win-Win Solutions and Climate Finance

13 March 2018 to 14 March 2018
| Casa Convalescència, Barcelona, Spain

The final conference of the GREEN-WIN project will be held at the Casa Convalescència ( in Barcelona, 13 – 14 March, 2018.

The conference is the last stage of the Global Dialogue organized by the GREEN-WIN project, following two highly successful workshops. The overall goal of the Global Dialogue is to produce shared policy narratives and innovative pathways about how to implement win-win solutions, green growth pathways, green business models and funding mechanisms that support climate action within the framework of sustainable development.

At our final conference, which will have a strong participatory character, we will present and discuss key results from the GREEN-WIN project, provide an opportunity for participants to present their own win-win solutions, be inspired by keynote speakers and panel discussions about other perspectives on climate action and about the next steps for both research and implementation.

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Summary Draft Agenda

March 13


09.00h – 10.30h



Opening Session including presentation of the GREEN-WIN project

11.00h – 12.30h

Win-win narratives from the GREEN-WIN project

13.45h – 14.30h

Keynote Talk: The Role of Narratives in Transforming Societies

14.30h – 16.00h

Round Table: Competing narratives for climate action

16.30h – 18.00h

MARKET PLACE: Win-Win Solutions, Green Business Models and Enabling Conditions from Around the World

March 14


9.15h – 9.45h



Keynote Talk: Financing climate win-win solutions

9.45h – 11.15h

Parallel Sessions on financing win-win solutions and green business models

11.45h – 13.15h

Plenary Session: The emergence of climate finance networks

14.15h – 15.15h

Panel Discussion: Next Steps for Research and Action


End of the Conference