First GREEN-WIN Global Dialogue

19 April 2016 to 20 April 2016
| Vienna, Austria

From 19 to 20 April 2016, the GREEN-WIN project will host its First Global Dialogue. The objective of this Dialogue process is to engage a broad group of key international stakeholders and practitioners in the identification and assessment of the most prominent win-win strategies and solutions linking the achievement of climate goals with the wider sustainable development agenda. "Win-win strategies" refer to strategies that reconcile short-term economic goals with long-term climate goals and conflicting stakeholder interests. This Global Dialogue will specifically focus on existing and potential green business models, knowledge transfer networks and climate finance mechanisms and switching economies to green growth pathways. 

Following an Integrated Sustainability Assessment (ISA) methodology, this Global Dialogue has been envisioned as three-stage process: (1) Development of a common Vision for a Green Economy on ‘where we want to go’ based on practical experiences of the participants; (2) Development of a set of Pathways to achieve that vision and reframe the existing practices; (3) Learning  and evaluating the lessons learned to develop a set of  high-level recommendations for action and engage in  a series of outreach activities within the G20 countries and the UNFCCC and UN SDG discussions. Hence, the overall goal is to co-produce a transformative and engaging narrative,supported by ample grounded evidence, able to trigger the required changes for green development pathways.

The specific objectives of the First GREEN-WIN Global Dialogue are to:

  • Co-develop a vision of a green economy that integrates climate action, business opportunities, economic goals and sustainable development; and
  • Identify concrete strategies and practical examples of win-win solutions that would support this integration.

Moreover, the meeting will explore the potential for win-win strategies, green growth and green business models to support the achievement of climate goals taking into account the new context set by the COP21 Paris Agreement, as well as the  recently agreed upon UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Dialogue will draw together invited representatives from international, national and European organizations, NGOs and Foundations, banks and business, bringing together expertise on a range of topics related to greening the economy, green business models, climate finance and sustainable development.

The Global Dialogue programme can be downloaded here