Global Coastal Adaptation Workshop

30 November 2017 to 01 December 2017 | Deltares, Delft, Netherlands

Coastal areas are coming under increased pressure from sea-level rise and coastal developments. Adaptation measures are expected to bring high economic benefits over the longer term particularly in urban areas, yet despite their economic attractiveness, financing and implementation of such measures has been slow. Only a fraction of current and growing global coastal adaptation finance needs, roughly $10 billion in the near term, and up to $100 billion annually by the end of the century, are being covered.

This Global Coastal Adaptation Stakeholder Workshop offers the opportunity to present initial insights regarding these emerging coastal adaptation solutions and to critically assess their potential for upscaling and transfer with a diverse group of leading coastal and finance experts. Most broadly, the workshop presents the opportunity to assess the potential of such solutions to address the coastal adaptation finance gap. It will bring together stakeholders with pertinent experiences in coastal adaptation finance in order to exchange experiences and distil lessons from all over the world. 

Invited stakeholders include sustainability finance experts from the fields of development finance and private investment, as well as impact investors, public and private project developers, and academics. In particular from the investment side, the focus will be on eliciting the needs of development finance, blended finance, impact and sustainable responsible investing. While on the project development side, the focus will be on the strengths and weaknesses of different models of revenue and impact generation, including green business models, nature-based solutions, and payments for ecosystem services.

Structured around GREEN-WIN project input The workshop will be structured around input generated in the GREEN-WIN project on innovative financial arrangements for involving non-public finance in coastal adaptation.

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