Green-Win / GGKP Webinar: Win-Win Solutions for Clean Energy, Sanitation, Smart Agriculture and Resilient Communities

20 February 2018 | Webinar

How can policymakers and practitioners deliver access to energy, sanitation, and opportunities for socio-economic development to poor communities facing accelerated climate change? How can we ensure that this contributes to green growth and green business development?

GREEN-WIN can provide practical answers to these challenging questions by drawing insights from key projects that have implemented integrated "win-win" solutions for clean energy, smart agriculture, and waste and greywater management in rural communities in India and Indonesia, and informal peri-urban settlements in South Africa. 

On 20 February (9:00 AM CET), join the GGKP for a webinar where we will explore lessons from the Genius of SPACEZonke (sustainability & resilience) and Development Alternative projects. Issues to be discussed include enabling policy conditions, community education and engagement, investment opportunities and green business models, and the design and implementation of transformative win-win solutions.



Speakers shown from left to right. 


ModeratorSandy Bisaro, Global Climate Forum

Presentations by:

Lauren Hermanus, African Climate and Development Initiative
Gina Ziervogel, University of Cape Town
J. David Tàbara, Autonomous University of Barcelona