The Risk Transition: Shifting Investment to a Low Carbon Economy

05 July 2017 | University College London, United Kingdom

The transition to a low-carbon economy entails diverse uncertainties and risks. The long-term, pervasive and in many cases highly uncertain nature of climate change and its surrounded perceived risks, make this transition uniquely challenging to rational and well-informed policy and investment decisions. If the low-carbon transition is to be successful, actors in the economy must be well prepared to face and overcome such challenges, reduce their potential impact, and to exploit the opportunities for wealth and welfare creation that may arise. A finance sector well prepared for such risks and challenges is crucial in helping to achieve a successful and prosperous low-carbon transition.

This workshop will focus on the risks posed by the low-carbon transition to the finance sector. In particular, we seek to investigate whether and how the finance community is prepared and able to i) reduce the risk exposure associated with high-carbon assets and ii) facilitate a smooth transition to a low carbon economy. Speakers will discuss the risks associated with high-carbon assets and methodologies applied to assess the potential for investment in low-carbon assets. 

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