Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy

March 2018 |
Environmental Change Institute (ECI)

This policy brief, Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy, published as part of the Green-Win project provides insights into the disruptive innovation of the sharing economy which is occurring in the urban mobility sector. Sharing mobility promotes win-win strategies that aim to provide short-term socioeconomic benefits and longer-term environmental impacts through mitigation and adaptation gains and therefore to enhance sustainable development in cities. Disruptive innovations, like mobile apps can coordinate on-demand vehicle and ride sharing at unprecedented scales, transforming urban mobility. Although social and technological sharing innovations may address multiple urban problems, there is an ‘adaptive lag’ in governance which is fostering new environmental problems. A collaborative governance regime to support win-win sustainability strategies in the shared mobility sector is needed between mobility companies, users and the public, and city governments. The analysis is illustrated through examples investigated in the Green-Win project.

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