Enabling Environments for Green SMEs: Recommendations for action

March 2018 |
The Ground_Up Association

Green small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a key win-win strategy and are one of the main drivers of green transformation. Taken together, SMEs have a greater impact on the economy and the environment than large companies; thus the dynamics of green growth very much depend on how small businesses can integrate sustainable practices into their business activities. Green SMEs that are focused on financial profit and dedicated to environmental sustainability can lead the green transformation from the ground up by creating new business models and providing examples of successful sustainable business practices that can be adopted by more and more companies.

More focused measures are needed to support the inception of new green businesses. This policy brief, Enabling Environments for Green SMEs: Recommendations for action, published as part of the Green-Win project finds that policymakers at all levels can play a role in enabling the creation of green SMEs. Policymakers, at international, national and local levels, have a key role to play in enabling the transition of SMEs to the green economy, mainly by adopting clear and coherent regulations, creating enabling market conditions for green products and services and facilitating access to funding and capacity building programmes that support investor-grade green SMEs.

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