The Feed Behind Our Food: Time to act on feed

January 2018 |
Forum for the Future

This report shows that, with our ever growing world population, protein demand is set to rise to levels that cannot be sustained by the existing food system – and, in particular, by the way we currently feed animals. Feed Compass believes that retailers and food service companies have a vital role to play in working with the animal protein and feed industry towards solutions that are both sustainable and commercially viable.

This report discusses the impact of the current feed production system and reasons to act on altering it, including business opportunities. It provides criteria for qualifying 'sustainable feed', which includes features such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising pollution. The report highlights that collaboration along supply chains is essential and that there is a great opportunity to go beyond risk management and build more resilient supply chains while also supporting both animal and human health, limiting environmental damage, and enhancing brand stories.

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