Financing the Low-carbon Transition: Current Landscape and Future Direction

February 2017 |
University College London (UCL)
Paul Drummond, Nadia Ameli, Michael Grubb

Existing flows of global climate finance (at least $391 billion per year) are sourced primarily from Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and project developers themselves. A substantial ‘investment gap’ remains between the existing levels of climate finance, and those required to achieve the requisite level of decarbonisation to maintain a 2°C pathway (over $1 trillion per year). Institutional investors hold the greatest potential for filling the investment gap because they hold about $93 trillion worth of assets and seek long- term, stable returns, which are potentially available for climate finance investments. They currently contribute little to existing climate finance flows (~0.2%). Further research by the GREEN-WIN project seeks to determine how to effectively develop the drivers and alleviate the barriers faced by institutional investors for deploying the finance required to develop the low-carbon, climate-resilient economy.

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