Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy

Resource | March 2018 | Environmental Change Institute (ECI)

This policy brief, Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy, published as part of the Green-Win project provides insights into the disruptive innovation of the sharing economy which is occurring in the urban mobility sector.

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Leveraging Public Finance for Coastal Adaptation

Resource | March 2018 | Deltares, Global Climate Forum (GCF)

Coastal adaptation investment presents clear opportunities for social welfare improvements, particularly for densely populated areas with high levels of economic activity. This policy brief, Leveraging Public Finance for Coastal Adaptation, provides insights into several mechanisms for leveraging public finance of coastal adaptation.

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Enabling Environments for Green SMEs: Recommendations for action

Resource | March 2018 | The Ground_Up Association

Green small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a key win-win strategy and are one of the main drivers of green transformation. Taken together, SMEs have a greater impact on the economy and the environment than large companies; thus the dynamics of green growth very much depend on how small businesses can integrate sustainable practices into their business activities.

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Enhancing Technology Transfer and Diffusion

Resource | March 2018 | Paris School of Economics

Technological diffusion is recognized as a key pillar of climate change mitigation in environmental agreements. This policy brief, Enhancing Technology Transfer and Diffusion, published as part of the Green-Win project, finds that enhanced technology transfers within a ‘climate club’ would have sizeable positive effects on GDP in a 2° scenario.

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Securing Macro-economic Gains from Decarbonisation Investment: The finance dimension and an Italian case study

Resource | March 2018 | University College London (UCL)

The transition to a low carbon economy is a capital-intensive process requiring large-scale finance of suitable low-carbon investment programmes. This policy brief, Securing Macro-economic Gains from Decarbonisation Investment, examines the trends driving long-term investing in low-carbon development. This challenge is linked to the expansion of efficient (e.g.

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